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Hey there, fellow soul! 

I would not dare be presumptuous enough to assume you would find my content interesting, or useful, or endearing, or any other such expectation that may have brought you here. 
But from one soul in this infinite puzzle to another- each other is all we have right?! 
So, if you find anything here that resonates with you, makes you smile, makes you sniffle, makes you feel anything at all, by all means, do stay on! 
I like to live and love, and create art out of everything around me. I do not really have any particular preferred weapon- the pen, the camera, the stage, the musical ensemble, the brush, the frying pans are all my friends (I don't know if I am theirs, though!) 
Oh, and I find everything beautiful. Everything. In its own way. 
I am from Kolkata, India, and I took the urban middle-class Indian route of pursuing engineering (in Metallurgy, from Jadavapur University- a place I owe a lot of my worldview to) and an MBA (in HR, from IIM Ranchi) with 3 years of working at a steel manufacturing plant sandwiched in between. I am currently working at a construction conglomerate and moonlighting as myself. 

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